Creating a Strong & Safe Community

The City of Beaverton strongly believes that public involvement in City government is important to creating a strong, safe, and livable City. The City has taken Goal 1 of the State of Oregon's set of 19 Planning Goals and Guidance (OAR 660-015) one step further through supporting its 11 neighborhood association committees (NACs).

About Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs)

NACs provide citizens with the opportunity to meet and discuss issues that are important to their neighborhoods, such as land use, traffic, and development issues. NACs receive support for their meetings and activities through the City’s Neighborhood Program and community events; however, NACs run their own meetings, elect their own officers, and decide which issues should be discussed at their meetings.
NACs also sponsor projects throughout the year to help build a strong community atmosphere and promote neighborhood identity. The relationship between the City of Beaverton and its NACs help ensure that residents have a voice in the City's direction for the future.

Interactive Neighborhood Map

View our interactive neighborhood map to view detailed information about specific neighborhoods within the City of Beaverton.