What Beaverton's Landscapers Do...

Beaverton's Landscape section provides consistently high quality landscape maintenance to a variety of City-owned right-of-ways and properties including City Hall, the City Library, the City Resource and Community centers, the City Park, the Lombard Plaza, water facilities buildings, as well as various wetlands, pedestrian paths, and storm drainage channels - altogether over 131 acres!

Our Landscape section, a small group of certified Landscape Techs and hardworking Utility Workers, offer educational resources including classes and materials related to arboriculture, provide professional arboriculture assistance to citizens, and are also responsible for the care and maintenance of the City's popular hanging flower baskets in the summer.
Interested in learning more about the hanging flower baskets? Read more details here.

We can address any of your landscaping or tree questions you may have; please contact Steve Brennan at (503) 526-2206 or Pat Hoff at (503) 526-2237. You can also fill out an Online 'Report a Problem' form.


Leaf removal is an important part of City landscaping to avoid slippery sidewalks and flooded street drains. City crews sweep and shovel up as much as possible, but it's important for Beaverton residents to do their part; please avoid blowing/raking leaves into the public paths and streets. Deposit leaves into the yard debris bin provided by Waste Management and take advantage of Beaverton's Leaf disposal services (click here for leaf disposal dates).
Over 80 of Beaverton's beautiful parks are maintained by Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District. Check out a map and list of their parks here.

Arbor Day 2014

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