Economy Update

Aligning the City’s goals and policies with existing economic trends is critical to promoting economic development within the Beaverton area. The Economy chapter, or element, of Beaverton’s Comprehensive Plan has remained unchanged since 2002 when it was originally adopted. Since that time, the City has experienced both a housing boom and a major recession. In addition, a number of new and updated data sources are now available, including the 2010 Census and the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS).

Through the Comprehensive Plan Update process, the City will analyze existing policies within the Comprehensive Plan for consistency with current economic development trends and strategies. In order for new economic policies to be most effective and reflect the needs of the Beaverton community, the City will rely on the input and expertise of our businesses, partner agencies and residents.

View the current Economy chapter of Beaverton’s Comprehensive Plan.

Background Reports
Beaverton Economic Indicators

(PSU Population Research Center, 2013)
Unemployment Rate
(Worksource Oregon, December 2013)
Number of Businesses
(Worksource Oregon, 2011)
Number of Jobs
(Census Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics Tool, 2011)
Per Capita Income
(Census 2008-2012 5 year ACS)
Poverty Rate
(Census 2008-2012 5 year ACS)

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