Commercial Compost Rates

Commercial Organics / Food Scrap Collection Rates
Effective November 1, 2015

Commercial organics rates are available to Beaverton businesses generating food scraps at the subscription quantity. The rate model provides for service at fifty percent of the cost of garbage service. Collected materials are limited to food scraps and non-food items on the city-approved collection list. Contaminated loads will be collected at the garbage rate.
Container Size Pick-Ups Per Week
One (2) Two Three Four Five Six
1-yard container $46.04 $89.08 $129.66 $170.24 $210.91 $251.00
Each additional $34.32 $66.71 $99.00 $131.31 $163.70 $186.52
1.5-yard container $61.09 $114.24 $167.33 $220.44 $273.58 $326.05
Each additional $47.00 $91.85 $136.68 $181.50 $226.35 $258.11
2-yard container $73.78 $139.40 $205.02 $270.64 $336.25 $401.10
Each additional $59.69 $117.01 $174.36 $231.72 $289.04 $329.72
3-yard container $99.08 $189.74 $280.36 $370.98 $461.64 $551.19
Each additional $85.00 $167.36 $249.70 $332.05 $414.42 $472.90
4-yard container (1) $124.40 $240.10 $355.72 $471.32 $587.03 $701.28
Each additional $110.30 $217.72 $325.06 $432.40 $539.82 $616.10
*Each additional applies in situations where containers are adjacent to each other on the same site. Containers separated on a site shall be subject to the full fee.

Service Notes:

1 Due to weight and equipment capacity limitations, business food scrap collection will generally occur in containers 3-yards and less in size. Haulers are not required to provided container service at the 4-yard level, but a rate is provided should future equipment capacity enable the larger size.

2 Food scrap collection is generally available only at the "one" time per week collection level. Haulers are not required to provide more frequent service until collection volume and routes enable multiple collection days.

Roll cart size (weekly service, per container)
32/35-gallon Roll cart $12.08 per month
60-gallon Roll cart $18.90 per month

Compacted Containers
  • Rate is based on containers from one to four yards owned and maintained by the customer
  • Rate is 2.25 times the loose container rate
  • The weight per yard shall not exceed 500 pounds per cubic yard

Commercial Organics Drop Box Services
Delivery Fee (all drop box sizes)
Haul Fee (10-yard and 20-yard boxes)

- 1. These rates are in addition to actual disposal costs and fees which vary with weight of load. 2. Drop boxes larger than 20 yards are not available for organics due to weight restrictions.

Commercial Organics Compactor Services
Haul Fee

- Rate does not include disposal cost and additional fees.

Box Size
Charge Monthly
10-yard or 20-yard box per day after 48 hours

Other Drop Box & Compactor Service Information
  • Actual disposal cost is rate charged at a Metro-approved landfill or transfer station.
  • An additional charge of $1.50 per mile is added if round trip to landfill / transfer station is more than 24 miles.
  • Additional fees include the operating margin and franchise fee.