City Attorney

Our Mission
The Mission of the City Attorney’s Office is to provide high quality, cost-effective legal advice and representation to the City Council, the Mayor’s Office, and various City Departments, Agencies, Boards and Commissions.

The Beaverton City Attorney's Office is comprised of a Civil Division and a Criminal Division. The Civil Division is responsible for drafting all contracts, ordinances, resolutions, and real estate transaction documents. Legal advice and counsel is provided on a broad range of matters, including real estate, land use, urban renewal, housing, transportation, public finance, economic development, utilities and franchises, public records and meetings, the environment, grants, contracts and procurements, intellectual property, bankruptcy, collections, ethics, civil rights, labor and employment, torts, risk management, workers' compensation, elections, legislation, and other areas of law involved in the operations of the City and its related organizations. The Civil Division is also responsible for managing, filing and/or defending civil suits at trial and on appeal.

The Criminal Division is responsible for working closely with the Beaverton Police Department and prosecuting state and local misdemeanor and violation offenses occurring within the City, including the filing of complaints, coordinating discovery requests, responding to evidentiary suppression motions, and conducting pre-trial negotiations, court and jury trials, and certain appeals. Cases prosecuted by the City of Beaverton are prosecuted in the Beaverton Municipal Court. The Criminal Division also provides a victim’s advocate to assist victims of misdemeanor crimes.