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Art's Friends

There are many resources available to expand Art's reach. Art may be encountered in the classroom, at a dance recital, at a dress rehearsal, on the label of a favorite beverage, in the distinctive lines of well-designed building or through other local and national agencies.

We in Beaverton are fortunate to have so many resources available to access Art. Whether you want to share a love of music, develop an eye for photography or feed a passion for painting, the support our community has shown offers plenty of opportunities to explore Art.

Contact these organizations for more information on grants, workshops and other resources available for artists. There are also several local performance groups who invite and encourage volunteers to join.
Regional / National Resources
Oregon Arts Commission
Artist Opportunities & Grant Information
National Endowment for the Arts
Grant Information
Regional Arts and Culture Council
Artist Opportunities and Grant Information
National Association of Local Art Agencies
General Information
Americans for the Arts
National Arts Issues and Information
Call for Entry

Local Resources
Beaverton Arts Community Grants Community Grant Application
Portland Children's Museum
Multnomah Arts Center
Beaverton Arts and Culture Foundation
Portland Art Museum
Scandinavian Heritage Foundation
Oregon College of Art and Craft
Class Information
Work for Art
Portland Festival Ballet
Cultural Coalition of Washington County
Washington County Open Studios Tour Call to Artists

Portland Festival Ballet (503) 245-5269
Billings Dance and Performing Arts Center (503) 670-7008
Westside Dance and Gymnastics Academy (503) 639-5388

Hillsboro Community Youth Choir  503-441-1357 
Metro Arts Inc. Kids Camp 503-245-4885
Oregon Music Academy 1-800-949-6979
South West Music School 503-292-4430
Oregon Music Academy 503-626-7181

Northwest Children's Theatre and School 503-222-2190
Oregon Children's Theatre 503-228-9571
PHAME Academy of Fine Arts (for developmentally disabled youth) 503-973-5815
Tears of Joy Theatre - Puppet Camp 503-248-0557

Fine Art and Craft
Ano's Art - An Academy for Creative Minds 503-292-9278
Multnomah Arts Center 503-823-2787
My Masterpiece Art Studio 503-453-3700
Oregon College of Art and Craft 503-297-5544
Pacific Northwest College of Art 503-226-4391
Portland Art Museum 503-226-2811
Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District 503-645-6433
The Village Gallery of Arts 503-644-8001
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