ISing Choir

Dedicated to developing and promoting an appreciation of choral music through the presentation of public concerts and performances and to educate its musicians and the general public in the musical arts.
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ISing Choir welcomes singers of all ability levels and no auditions are required for participation. We perform concerts of the finest that choral music has to offer under the direction of Conductor and Artistic Director, Stephen Galván. Our benefit concerts have provided an opportunity for our patrons to support their community by donating to charitable organizations.

2017 Performances

Out of the Americas
In preparation for our fifth international tour to Japan, 37 of our normal 80ish member choir will be presenting the music we will be taking on tour. In addition to choral music by North and South American composers, Sing's Tour Choir, under the direction of Stephen Galván, will also present Japanese pieces we will be singing with joint choirs from Gotemba and Ogaki.

ISing Choir Out of the Americas

If you missed our benefit concerts earlier in May, or if you loved them and want to hear more, please consider joining us for this performance.

Saturday, May 20, 7:30 pm
Christ United Methodist Church
12755 NW Dogwood, Portland

This is a free event - no tickets are required, just show up!

Starting May 26, 2017, follow the group on tour

Mt Fuji, Japan

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