Why Food Waste Matters

Impacts on your wallet

  •  A family of four can save more than $1,500 a year by making changes in how they shop, prepare and store food.
  • Americans families throw out approximately 20 percent of the food and beverage they buy.

Impacts on the environment

  • Twenty-five percent of U.S. freshwater supplies go to producing food that is wasted.
  • "Throwing away one apple is like dumping 25-gallons of water down the drain or running your shower for 12 minutes." Smithsonian.com

Impacts on the community

  • Americans waste 1,249 calories in food, per person, every day.
  • Nearly one in six households (16.1 percent) in Oregon were "food insecure" between 2013-15. That means they lacked consistent access to adequate amounts of nutritious food.

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Here are a few short videos about food waste.

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