Beaverton Night Market

Videographer Kyle Blaich


Sat | Jul 22 & Sat | Aug 12


The Round, 12725 SW Millikan Way


5 - 10 p.m.


Phone: 503-526-2559,
The vendor application process for 2017 Beaverton Night Markets is now closed. Please check back next year!
Questions? Contact the market manager, Jodi Monroy at or 503-453-5153.


The City of Beaverton's Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) will be hosting two Beaverton Night Markets this summer. Due to the success of our summer 2015 debut pilot event, the DAB's vision to create a regular seasonal night market fostering cross-cultural exchange while creating economic opportunity for emerging ethnic food and craft vendors and showcasing cultural traditions is being realized

The Night Market is an action item from “Economic Opportunity” section of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan.


The Beaverton Night Market exists to create a vibrant, intercultural, family-friendly space that is reminiscent of night markets internationally. The Market offers a culturally-relevant evening activity and gathering space with ethnic food and crafts for families of all backgrounds in Beaverton.


  1. Foster a space for cross-cultural exchange and interaction by community members.
  2. Create a space for emerging ethnic food/craft vendors to showcase their work and share their traditions.
  3. Promote economic opportunity for culturally-specific businesses in Beaverton.
  4. Offer a fun, family-friendly, cultural activity locally.


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For more information about the Night Market or other community events, email or call 503-526-2559