Welcoming Beaverton

Now accepting applications for Welcoming Beaverton mini-grants!

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About the Welcoming Beaverton Mini-Grants

Each year, the City of Beaverton’s Cultural Inclusion Program sponsors mini-grants for small, community driven projects designed to bring together immigrant and receiving communities.
  1. to increase opportunities for cross-cultural exchange,
  2. support welcoming and connected neighborhoods,
  3. build relationships and understanding to unite residents, and
  4. foster pride in our diverse community.
Applications are due by Friday, May 12. | Fecha límite: Viernes el 12 de mayo
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About Welcoming Beaverton

Welcoming Beaverton is an initiative through the City of Beaverton’s Mayor’s Office to recognize, welcome and support the successful integration of our local immigrant community. The City of Beaverton is a proud member of the national Welcoming Cities and Counties initiative – a network of municipalities across the country working to create more welcoming, immigrant-friendly environments that maximize opportunities for economic growth and cultural vitality for all. Beaverton became a Welcoming City in April 2015.
City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution declaring Beaverton a sanctuary city in January 2017. The resolution states that the city is committed to providing a safe community for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, place of origin, or immigration status, and reaffirms that local resources will not be used to enforce federal immigration law. In doing so, the city emphasized the importance of ensuring that all community members feel safe in contacting law enforcement and in accessing critical city services without fear. 

November 16, 2016

An Open Letter to the Beaverton Community,

In this time of uncertainty and great polarization in our country, the City of Beaverton strongly reaffirms our commitment to being a safe and welcoming community for all. We vigorously reject hateful rhetoric and acts of violence and intimidation based on identity, and declare that they have no place in our city.

Beaverton is proud to be known as one of the safest and most diverse cities in our region. With strong neighborhoods, schools, and civic participation, we have become a vibrant and growing community that is home to families of all backgrounds.

We recognize and are deeply saddened that many members of our community are currently feeling targeted and fearful, particularly communities of color, immigrants and refugees, Muslims, women, and LGBTQ people. It pains us to hear that children are expressing confusion and fear that their loved ones and friends may be separated and adults, that their children are no longer safe in our community.

Now more than ever, we must come together as a community to build unity and respect across differences. We need to reach out to those most vulnerable among us to show love and support. We must stand up to messages of hate and acts of hostility so that everyone can feel a sense of safety and belonging.

As your city government, we have worked hard to foster inclusivity and build a shared identity that emphasizes the strengths of all who call Beaverton home. City leadership remains dedicated to these goals and values and to working tirelessly to make them a reality. We commit to continuing to lead on a local level to ensure that Beaverton remains an actively welcoming community, and we ask everyone to join us in this effort.

Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle and Beaverton City Councilors Lacey Beaty, Betty Bode, Mark Fagin, and Marc San Soucie

See related statement from the Diversity Advisory Board

About Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week is an annual series of events that bring together immigrants and U.S.-born residents in a spirit of unity. The events raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming and engage immigrant and receiving community members in activities to strengthen relationships and cross-cultural understanding. This year, Beaverton Welcoming Week will be celebrated from Sept. 15 - 24, 2017.

2016 Welcoming Week Proclamation - Tuesday, September 13 
2016 Calendar of Events
2015 Calendar of Events

How to be involved:

  • Apply for a mini-grant to host a Welcoming Week activity (see above)
  • Send us a picture with the "I’m a Welcomer" sign to equity@BeavertonOregon.gov. Let us know how you are welcoming immigrants and refugees in the Beaverton community.
  • As you attend events, be sure to use #welcomingweek on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram to share your pictures and stories!
  • Contact for more information: Megan Cohen, Cultural Inclusion Specialist: 503-526-2584 | equity@BeavertonOregon.gov

Recipients of the 2016 mini-grants were:

  • Spice of Africa
  • Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon
  • Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors
  • the Vose NAC / Islamic Center of Portland
  • Beaverton Symphony Orchestra