Artist Workshops

Join the Beaverton Arts Program and Write Around Portland for a workshop devoted to developing and honing an authentic artist statement!

Crafting Authentic Artist Statements

We need artist statements of different shapes and tones for different purposes: programs, press releases, grant applications, and websites. In order to craft these, we first need to clearly articulate our internal artist statement, one that speaks honestly and passionately about our work. We owe it to our work to represent it well.

Write Around Portland facilitator, Kellie Ernst, will lead both workshops. The first time Kellie Ernst read the following from Kurt Vonnegut, “The primary benefit of practicing any art, whether well or badly, is that it enables one's soul to grow.” she pushed back her chair, threw her arms in the air and wailed a quaking hallelujah! This quote captures exactly the stuff – the huge, mysterious, life-affirming, soulful stuff – that keeps her humbly and joyously seeking growth as a writer and facilitator for Write Around Portland. Born in love with words and trained in Social Work and Medical Anthropology, Kellie is at home with human stories and has witnessed, repeatedly, their power to connect, heal, and transform lives. She has studied craft with a vast and talented array of poetic and non-fiction specialists and celebrates the discovery of worlds old and new in every literary genre. She wants to write with you. For more information, visit