Community Profile

General City Overview

  • Average rainfall: 36.3 inches per year
  • City size: 19.6 square miles
  • Coordinates: N 45º 29.14 W 122º 47.84 (latitude / longitude)
  • Elevation above sea level:
    • Low: 131.7 feet above sea level (at the Progress Ridge Rock Quarry / Murray-Scholls Transit Center area)
    • Average: 189 feet above sea level
    • High: 698.2 feet above sea level (just north of Highway 26 and Camelot Center)
  • Form of government: Strong mayor (mayor / council)
  • Location: Seven miles west of Portland, Oregon
  • Median Household Income: $59,035 (2016)
  • Population: 95,385 (preliminary population estimate - July 1, 2016)
  • Population density: 4,860 residents per square mile (2016)
  • Property tax statement: $4.24 per $1,000 assessed value for operations and debt service (figure based on 2013-2014 tax year)
"Beaverton - the Best of Oregon" won the 3CMA Savvy Award for promotional videos for cities with a population of up to 150,000.
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Dick Lillquist, Executive Director of 3CMA; Mayor Denny Doyle; Police Officer Christian Corning; Robert Tucker, former 3CMA President

Additional Resources
For more information, see the Portland State University Population Research Center's 2010 data profiles.