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The City believes that Beaverton’s boards and commissions should represent the full range of diversity in our community. With this in mind, the City is looking for individuals interested in public decision making and civic life to apply for openings on the City’s boards, commissions, and special committees. It is important to the City’s future that the whole community be represented. These are appointed positions. City residents preferred.
Boards & Commissions Membership Manual


Residency Requirement: The Charter for the City of Beaverton, Chapter V, Section 19, C.2., provides that: "Unless waived by a majority vote of the entire council, a member of any committee, board or commission shall be a resident of the City."

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To apply for an opening, complete our online application or complete and return an application to:
Neighborhood Program and Public Involvement Program
Our Fall Recruitment deadline is October 3, 2016. Please fill out an application for consideration for vacancies that may arise in 2016.
P.O. Box 4755 Beaverton, OR 97076-4755
Fax: (503) 526-3730

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Contact the Neighborhood and Public Involvement Program at 503-526-2243 for more information.