Water Efficiency Rebate Program

Encouraging Water Conservation Efforts

To encourage residential water customers to replace their old toilets and washing machines the City of Beaverton is offering a rebate program. Under the program, residential users can receive rebates for replacing older inefficient toilets and washing machines with high-efficiency models.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Applicants must own and live in a single-family residence within the Beaverton water service area, including a house, condominium, or duplex/multiplex or manufactured home with a single master meter. (Note: apartment owners and commercial establishments do not qualify for these rebates).
  • You must have a Beaverton water account in good standing (no outstanding balance on previous billing periods). 
  • Save your receipt - Applications must include a copy of a proof of purchase receipt from a retailer or plumbing company that specifies the purchase date, purchase price, manufacturer and model number.
  • The application must be received within 60 days of purchase date.  
  • Prior to approval, an on-site inspection may be required by Beaverton Public Works. The total rebate per item will not exceed the receipt amount. Rebates will be distributed via a credit to your utility account, and will not be mailed out.

Washing Machine Rebate

Apply for a $50 rebate when you purchase and install a new Energy Star qualified washing machine. For a list of qualifying models, visit www.energystar.gov. Limit: 1 per household.

High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) Rebate

Apply for a $75 per HET rebate when you replace your old water-wasting toilet(s) with an EPA WaterSense labeled 1.28 gpf (gallon per flush) High-Efficiency Toilet. For a list of qualifying WaterSense models, visit www.epa.gov/watersense. Limit: 2 per household.

Porcelain Recycling
The City of Beaverton strongly encourages recycling of old toilets.
S&H Landscape Supplies and Recycling
1748 NE 25th Ave.
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone: 503-846-0881
Environmentally Conscious Recycling (ECR)
12409 NE San Rafael
Portland, OR 97230
Phone: 503-253-0867

Applying for the Rebate

Complete the Water Rebate Application and submit it, with proof of purchase, to the:
City of Beaverton
Attn: Rebate Program
PO Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076
Upon approval, your rebate will be processed within four to six weeks and a credit issued to your water account.

Contact Us

For additional information, contact Shelley Searle - ssearle@BeavertonOregon.gov at 503-526-2278, Rebate Program Coordinator.