Code Compliance Program

Our Mission

At Code Compliance, our mission is to enhance neighborhood livability and the quality of life in Beaverton by helping residents and businesses understand and comply with the Municipal Code. In so doing, we hope to develop a sense of community, foster civic pride, and enhance the quality of life throughout the City of Beaverton.

What We Do

The primary focus of Code Compliance is to help resolve violations of the Municipal Code. These code violations are called civil infractions. The most common civil infractions are called nuisances. Nuisances include problems such as:
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Sidewalks that are uneven or uplifted, creating a tripping hazard
  • Substandard Housing
  • Rubbish
  • Trees lower than 8 feet above the sidewalk or 12 feet above a roadway
  • Weeds or grass more than 12 inches high (noxious vegetation)
Other types of nuisances we investigate include inoperable vehicles, signs (other than real estate signs) displayed in residential neighborhoods; zoning issues, such as businesses operating in residential zones; and other concerns affecting safety and quality of life.

Additional Resources