Winter Sanding Routes

Snow / Ice Emergency Management Plan

Inclement weather such as freezing rain and snowstorms are not necessarily common in Beaverton, but when they occur the City’s Street Section has a snow / ice emergency management plan. High-volume streets, major arterials, and collector roadways are given the highest priority. Sand is applied to areas of the street where traction is known to be a problem, such as steep grades, overpasses, bridges, and intersections where stopping is necessary.

Sanding vs. Plowing

For small or short winter events sanding is sufficient. In the case of a larger event, the City has added a large plow to compliment a smaller plow. Through an intergovernmental agreement there are streets inside the City that are maintained by the state and county and sanded by the City of Beaverton; in exchange the City gets several roads, overpasses, and bridges pretreated with deicer. Residential streets are not normally sanded, except for roads used for emergency vehicle access.

Fleet Inventory

The City of Beaverton has four 12-yard trucks that work with three tow-behind sanders and one hopper sander. The City also has one large hopper with a plow attachment. In addition, the City has a small dump truck with a small hopper and small plow attachment that is used for spot sanding and police requests.

See the Inclement Weather Map for a schedule of sanding routes during inclement weather.

Sanding Routes