Site Development Engineering Review & Inspection Fees

Type of Fee
Engineering Review of Build Permit Plans Fee
$75 per permit
FEMA Floodplain Elevation Determination Fee (per tax lot)
Floodplain, Floodway, and Wetland Modification Fee
$750 per permit
House Move Permit Fee
$200 per section
Reinspection Fee
Research Fee
Rights of Way (ROW) and Facilities Permit Application Fee
  • Individual tree cut (street tree); sidewalk repair, replacement, or installation; and/or street cut

Site Development Permit Fees

  • Site Development Application Fee (payment with initial submittal): The applicant shall pay a site development permit application fee of $1,150. For projects associated with at least four residential units or affecting an area at least one acre, an additional fee of $2000 will be paid plus $300 per acre or fraction thereof.
  • Site Development, ROW, and Facilities Permit Fee (payment prior to permit issuance): The applicant shall pay a permit fee based on the final construction cost estimate prior to permit issuance as determined below.
Construction Cost Estimate
7.5% of the value
$750 plus 10% of the value over $10,000
$9,750 plus 8% of the value over $100,000
Over $500,000
$41,750 plus 5.5% of the value over $500,000

Erosion Control Fees

The erosion control fees are comprised of approximately 40% plan review fees and 60% inspection fees.

With a Building Permit

Construction Cost Estimate Fees
Over $100,000
$150 plus $125 per $100,000 or fraction thereof exceeding the first $100,000

Without a Building Permit

Land Area
0-0.99 acres
1 acre or greater
$350 plus $200 per acre or fraction thereof