Sewer Rates

Wastewater Rate Information

Sewer charges are based on the rates set by Clean Water Services. Each customer is charged a monthly base rate of $29.45 per dwelling unit. Residential customers are generally charged for one dwelling unit. All other customers are charged on the number of fixture units being served.

The usage fee is $1.82 per unit of water consumption. This is calculated by averaging the amount of fresh water used between the months of November and April. This is the fairest method since during that time the majority of water entering the house will leave via the sewer system.

What Fees Are Used For

In addition to processing wastewater, these fees are used to maintain the sewer distribution system and the upkeep of sewer treatment plants.

Sewer Charge Adjustments

If you have experienced a leak or some unusual one-time water loss, you may be eligible for a reduction in your winter average figure. Contact the Utility Billing office at (503) 526-2257 to request an adjustment on your sewer charges.

Additional Information