Membership Requirements & Expectations

Membership Requirements for the Sister Cities Advisory Board

Beaverton citizens have priority consideration. A chair, vice-chair, and secretary are elected by the Board each year. Officers' duties are outlined in the bylaws. To apply for an opening, complete our online application or complete and return an application to:

Neighborhood Program and Community Events
P.O. Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076-4755
Fax: (503) 526-3730


Each member needs to attend the monthly Board advisory meeting and serve in an advocacy, fundraising, supporting and ambassadorial capacity for the sister cities program.


Each member should read all of the written information sent or given to them in the course of the Board meeting. Each member should come to meetings prepared. Each member will receive a set of Board by-laws so as to understand the rules of the Board and the mission of the program.

Time Commitment

Members are expected to commit 2 hours for Board meetings each month plus approximately 10 hours/month as needed to prepare and participate in international exchanges and cultural events.