Land Use Applications, Fees & Brochures

Current Planning Application Forms

Note: A land use application must be signed by the property owner(s) or by someone authorized by the property owner(s) to act as an agent on their behalf. If someone is signing as the agent of the property owner(s), that person must submit a written statement signed by the property owner(s), authorizing the person to sign the application.”

Long Range Planning Application Forms

Land Use Brochures

Land Use Fee Schedules

New land use application fees go into effect October 1st. 
Any application or payment received on or after October 1st, will be subject to the new fee rates.
If you intend to apply for a land use permit before October 1st, be sure to submit the required 2016/2017 fee with your application.  Payments made after October 1st will be subject to the new 2017-2018 fee rate even if the application was submitted before the new fees went into effect.
The new Planning Division Fee Schedule for 2017-2018 reflects new rates adopted by the Beaverton City Council through Resolution 4464.  

Miscellaneous Documents