Traffic Alerts

On this page you will find key traffic closure or delay information within the City of Beaverton and in selected areas around Beaverton. 

Traffic Delay Notification for Street Maintenance Project

Farmington Road Project

The Farmington Road project is estimated to be complete July 2017.

Currently, the sidewalks and curb are being poured. Once the remaining utilities move their wires so the poles can be removed, the sidewalk can be poured on the north side of Farmington Road.

New sidewalk along Farmington Road  
Sidewalks are currently being poured on Farmington and Murray.

Public works crew working on Farmington Road
Crews work on base paving along Murray Boulevard.

Upcoming activities:
May:  Excavation and paving to continue
June:  Final Paving of the roadway
July:  Striping of roadway and installation of landscaping

Vehicles and bicyclists are urged to use alternate routes such as Allen Blvd or TV Hwy.
Bicyclists see Farmington Rd Alternate Bike Routes Map

Closures: Farmington Road (Murray to Hocken)